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We've been fabricating and welding plastics since 10/01/1997.
-established 9/12/2001...(the day after 9/11)
Licensed      Insured
Many say that we are the best at what we do
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sgt mills welds plastic tanks
Injectic has mobile capabilities. I can usually average repairing between 10-15 totes, tanks, vats, tubs, Karts, cans/day.You can put 'em all in one area and call us out, or, sort through them as you use them and bring some as you take the repaired back to use. Whichever works best for you.
FDA, USDA, USDC, & BRC compliant across several industries in many states.

If you have a single item such as a fuel tank or an RV holding tank;  Contact us.

We'll tell you where to ship it to; (sometimes you'll be given the address where we are working an existing job-site; for quicker repair/return time).

Injectic is owned and operated by the same Gary Mills written about HERE in "Chicken Soup for the Veteran Soul".

Injectic plastic welder sergeant gary mills
-on the job
Sgt Mills welds repairs to most anything plastic.
If your problem is broken plastic, call Injectic.
sgt mills welds plastics
Sgt mills recycles plastics
sgt mills fabricates plastics